The Best Fitness Plan for You

Q.How do you determine what is the best plan for your clients? A. We develop a fitness plan jointly after discussing each client’s goals and commitment level. We consider time availability, previous exercise and fitness experience, support structure, goals, anticipated obstacles, etc. Then we develop – together – a realistic, personal plan. Once we have… Read the full article


“Jeff has been coaching me online for two months, with exercises I can do at home plus a daily walking regimen. I have lost weight, have more energy and my balance has greatly improved. I’ve worked with other trainers, but never with such amazing results.” Donna “The time and expertise you have bestowed through your… Read the full article

Not Just Weight Loss, But Fitness

Over the past few years, Mimi Vanderhaven has been kind enough to write about my personal fitness business located in Fairlawn. However, given that it is now about three weeks into January and many people are finding it difficult to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to make a personal appeal written by… Read the full article

WANT TO GET FIT IN THE NEW YEAR? Take this personal fitness quiz

If your New Year’s resolutions have anything to do with becoming a more healthier you, here’s a chance to finally get fit and stay that way. Our clients are typically successful working professionals and/or mothers who have raised children and now have additional personal time available to focus on their own health. In many cases,… Read the full article