“Jeff has been coaching me online for two months, with exercises I can do at home plus a daily walking regimen. I have lost weight, have more energy and my balance has greatly improved. I’ve worked with other trainers, but never with such amazing results.”

“The time and expertise you have bestowed through your fitness program has changed my life for the better – I feel stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. Never forget the great gifts you have.”

“Thanks for all you do to improve the quality of my life! Turning 40 was no big deal now that I feel like I’m in the best shape ever. Looking forward to keeping fit in the next 40!!”

“Keeping fit is a real challenge for me. Thanks for the suggestions and demos of ways to keep fit while on the road. (Weights don’t have to look like barbells, do they?)

“We appreciate all you have done for us. We feel like you’ve saved our lives!”
Pat & Brenda

“I love seeing my curves again. I’m stronger, and have more muscle with less fat. The very best thing is when someone tells me ‘You look great!'”
Mary Dee Raabe

“I have been a client of Jeff’s for six years, and have yet to have the same workout twice. His lessons yield measurable improvements in my body tone, strength and endurance. I feel physically and mentally stronger!”
Theresa Proenza

“Over the years I could have bought a Cadillac for the money I’ve had spent on gym memberships. I always started strong but eventually lost motivation. When I turned 65, I found Jeff and two years later I am stronger and I feel great! Only personal training works. I now pay for results, not dreams.”
Don Raabe

“Before coming to Jeff, doctors recommended bilateral shoulder replacement for severe osteoarthritis. Since working out with Jeff, I have great improvements in my range of motion and have regained strength•no more shoulder surgery!”
William Herold

“The secret of getting what you want is simply getting started. I learned that from Jeff, when I was trying to convince him I could never run a mile. Yesterday, I ran 2.5 miles as a warm up to my workout. Not only do I feel better, the best part: my go-to skinny jeans aren’t skinny enough.”
Kat Pestian

“My expected results are two-fold: to gain and maintain strength and to remain flexible. With Jeff’s help, I continue to achieve these results. As a women and as I age, this is one step toward good health.”
Carole Masa

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