Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is part of every fitness plan. We will work together on creating a nutrition plan that works for you and helps you reach your fitness goals.

The importance of nutrition

Genetics is the number one factor affecting overall health and fitness. The 2nd most important – vital actually – is what your food intake looks like.

It all comes down to eating – provided you’re fit. It’s not your weight that is your primary health monitor. It’s how much lean mass (everything other than body fat) you have and how much fat you are carrying.

So, provided/assuming you work out or exercise regularly (3 times a week suggested) AND you eat intelligently and responsibly, you may reach the best shape you can be in for your age, your genetics, motivation, discipline, etc.

People say: ‘I want a six pack.’ Why do you want something you already have? Yours is just hidden from sight by the food choices you’ve made over the years. It’s in there, just hidden under a little fat.

And while I’m on the topic, spot reduction, like doing a ton of sit-ups, doesn’t work. Despite the horrible, unethical, money-mongering advertisements and endorsements by compensated athletes and celebrities, doing a zillion ab exercises or doing “7 minutes per day” of “ab work” will not make anything look better or more defined. You will have a stronger stomach probably, but that’s it.

So, without a good, clean “diet” – but with regular, good quality exercise – you will feel better and probably lose some body fat. If you eat smart and have a carefully crafted workout routine and lots of variety, you may very well get a peek at that six pack you didn’t think was in there.

What about protein and carbs?

If it walks, flies or swims it’s protein. If it grows from the ground it isn’t.

Protein is vital – it is the building or rebuilding block for all of the muscles on your body. When muscle tears down – like through a day’s work, a bicycle ride, exercise in any form, it needs the building block to repair from protein.

No protein, no recovery.

An active, exercising person, who say trains with weights regularly breaks down muscle tissue. The ONLY way to provide the body with the repair food – protein (real protein, not soy beans and a bucket of peas because you read it in Men’s Journal or Cosmo) – is to get enough each and every day. We discuss this in our initial consult.

Additionally, the notion that people can live with almost zero carbs is irresponsible. Actually it’s extremely unhealthy. It’s just a matter of knowing what, when and how much carbs you need.

Why working out is so important

Can’t impress this enough. The previous points addressed this – strong workouts three times a week, with solid nutrition to repair muscle tissue. It’s interesting: research reveals that after 48-72 hours, atrophy (the loss of muscle tissue) begins to take place. That is why working out a minimum of three to four times a week is very important.

Special nutrition needs of people over 50

People over 50 actually don’t have special nutritional needs. Advertising works.