Why Choose a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

First of all, my name is Jeff Cook and I am a personal trainer and fitness coach I began training individuals about 30 years ago, initially as a hobby in a small gym I assembled in the basement of my house. I also put eating programs together for those serious about changing their level of… Read the full article

Take this Personal Fitness Quiz

Although there are exceptions,  most of our clients fall into one of two categories and, in some cases, both. Our clients are typically successful working professionals and/or mothers who have raised children and now have additional personal time available to focus on their own health. In many cases, the one area of their lives in… Read the full article

Fitness, Not Fads

by Mitch Allen Many families know Bob Neidlinger from his 12 years as the director of bands for Copley-Fairlawn City Schools. During that time Bob touched the lives of thousands of talented kids, including my own two daughters. But few know that the 54-year-old gregarious grandfather secretly struggled with weight gain, high blood pressure and… Read the full article

Are You at a “Fitness Plateau?”

by Mimi Vanderhaven Winter is the time of year when many of us rededicate ourselves to exercise and start eating smarter in an effort to lose pounds and inches. Putting down the chocolate cake and getting off the couch is easy for a few weeks, but making a permanent lifestyle change is something else entirely…. Read the full article

ONE WOMAN’S JOURNEY TO… Michelle Obama Arms

Editor’s note: The author is a West Akron resident who requested to remain anonymous. “I want Michelle Obama arms,” I told Jeff at our first meeting. First, let me explain that I am not an athlete. I can’t play tennis or golf or even jog. In fact, I am so uncoordinated that when I do… Read the full article

You Should be Dead

After an ultrasound for a swollen leg, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Dietrich’s personal physician put it bluntly… “You Should Be… DEAD.” by MitchAllen When Akron-area orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Dietrich felt some “thickness” in his right calf during a recent operation (he’s a hand surgeon), he pulled up his scrubs and noticed that his calf… Read the full article

An Amazing True Story

The amazing true story of how Christopher France lost 62 pounds and found a new life in less than one year. And how you can do it, too. by MitchAllen On a cold day in January 2008, Chris France was about to have lunch. He was waiting in the drive-through line at a local McDonald’s… Read the full article

Personal Training Packages

The next 60 minutes are going to go by whether you’re riding in the car or sitting on the couch. So why not use those minutes to work out? Consider that an invitation. Because right now Jeff is offering flexible packages that make it far more affordable for people to work out with this legendary… Read the full article

The Power of an Appointment

Joining a gym is easy. Going is hard. In fact, research indicates that we are far more likely to exercise when we have an appointment. We specialize in privately managed personal fitness. That means we tailor your workouts to meet your individual goals. Our clients are professionals who have a regular appointment with a fitness… Read the full article