Why Choose a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

First of all, my name is Jeff Cook and I am a personal trainer and fitness coach

I began training individuals about 30 years ago, initially as a hobby in a small gym I assembled in the basement of my house. I also put eating programs together for those serious about changing their level of conditioning and losing body fat. Eventually I made the decision to do this full time as my sole source of income. So in 1993 I quit my job in banking and built the perfect training regimen. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through N.E.S.T.A. (National Endurance Sports Training Association.) Additionally I have my certification as a Certified Sports Nutritionist. So, all training experience combined, 20 years part time while working in the business world and 10+ full time as Owner of Formula Fitness I have 30+ years of learning, practical experience and the insight that goes with that. Additionally I have competed at a very high lever in the sport of powerlifting and have run numerous marathons, half marathons and 10k races. I still maintain state powerlifting records in 2 different weight divisions and age groups. I live what I teach, maintaining excellent physical fitness.

Worked with hundreds of clients

Having worked with hundreds of clients, the majority have succeeded. Some are continuing to train with me while others have developed the habit and discipline to continue training independently. Some stay in touch through periodic coaching and recommendations.We take the approach that one size does not fit all. Hence we customize programs for the individual seeking a higher level of fitness. The first step is to meet each other to determine fit. Does the potential client feel comfortable with me and my approach? Am I confident that the individual is serious about their health goals and are they committed to achieving them? Are their goals realistic? Do they understand that fitness and health are not quick fixes but rather a change in lifestyle?  I have never had a client who followed their blueprint developed for their success – long term and sustainable fitness – who has failed. The individuals who fail are those who refuse to follow through on the direction they have requested, particularly their eating habits. One cannot out train a bad diet. Additionally I offer sample workout sessions to help an individual and myself determine if this is something they want to commit to.

World class workout

We do a different workout for each individual for every session. Accommodation is a term used for when the body adjusts to the stress that is put upon it in the way of a workout and gradually gets used to it and, always being in survival mode, this magnificent human body finds a way to accomplish the workload burning fewer and fewer calories. Changing up workouts to where the body cannot get into a comfort zone and is always adapting is the way to accomplish continuous progress. lt is also less boring and more enjoyable & challenging. These are a couple of keys to success. However, because each person is different, with differing goals, differing limitations and differing levels of dedication each person’s workouts will be personalized. In the matter of injuries, in the past 10+ years I have had a few strains, but never any significant injury where the client couldn’t continue to train, working around any such minor tweak.

Investment options

So, having stated who we are and what we do, our investment options range from $299 to $469 per month, with a number of options in between. Investments in your health and your commitment level as well as the affordability of this level of training normally determine which package is chosen. Time availability also must match openings. Session frequency, duration and method of payment chosen are all  factors that determine the best fit for each client. A face to face discussion lasting approximately 20 – 30 minutes is how we determine together if we are comfortable with each other and if so, the investment we agree on. It is time well spent, in that you will learn some things you probably didn’t know, including how to select the facility for you and how to determine whether the trainer can truly help you, if I’m not your choice. l do not follow up with phone calls in an attempt to “close the deal”. I am not the choice for those looking for “cheap” training, with no commitment required. Those facilities go out of business regularly and have an extremely low level of success for the customer. We get results. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money it makes no sense whatsoever to throw it away in a facility where their primary goal is membership volume and profit margin. My business plan is not to acquire as many customers as possible who pay through an automatic bank withdrawal and hope that 75% do not use their facility. My business plan is to manage traffic flow, working with individuals one-on-one, maybe 2 or 3 or classes for those with a tighter budget to work with. We get results. That is what my clients are paying for and rightfully expect. When they do their part the results are extremely rewarding. Who can put a price on added years of quality life and all of the rewards and great experiences because of such. Life goes fast, but it is never too late to improve your fitness and health through a program tailored just for you!