Personal Training Packages

The next 60 minutes are going to go by whether you’re riding in the car or sitting on the couch. So why not use those minutes to work out? Consider that an invitation.

Because right now Jeff is offering flexible packages that make it far more affordable for people to work out with this legendary personal trainer. Many of Jeff’s clients are in their 50s, 60s and 70s and find themselves in the best shape of their lives•living more active, pain free lifestyles with far less reliance on medications that can cause dangerous side effects.

One reason Jeff’s program works is that if you’re motivated, he’s flexible. In fact, one client travels the country (and sometimes the world) every week, but still manages to get in three workouts a week.

If your current plan isn’t working or if you’ve already abandoned your New Year’s Resolution to exercise, give Jeff a call to discuss a custom, personal fitness plan for you, including:

  • Fitness assessment – body fat and lean mass – to establish a baseline;
  • Individualized nutrition assessment, a road map for success;
  • Constant monitoring and refinements for continuous progress.

Ideal candidates for Jeff Cook are those who have spent their entire lives taking care of others and now have the time and resources to take care of themselves. Jeff himself is a 57-year-old father who in April will compete in the State Powerlifting Championship in the 55-60 age division, when by all indications he will break the state record by dead lifting over 550 pounds.

So, what are you doing for the next 60 minutes?