WANT TO GET FIT IN THE NEW YEAR? Take this personal fitness quiz

If your New Year’s resolutions have anything to do with becoming a more healthier you, here’s a chance to finally get fit and stay that way.

Our clients are typically successful working professionals and/or mothers who have raised children and now have additional personal time available to focus on their own health. In many cases, the one area of their lives in which they have not been successful is maintaining the level of health and fitness they desire.

Although desired fitness levels vary significantly among our clients, there are a few universal effects of inadequate fitness that are easy to recognize. If you answer “yes” to two or more of the following questions, you could likely benefit by engaging with a professional personal trainer:

  • Do you experience low energy levels that negatively impact your family life or your effectiveness at work?
  • Do you have anxiety about future health issues if your current fitness level persists?
  • Do you feel inward frustration due to the way you look or feel?
  • Are you disappointed at an inability to break ongoing life and behavior patterns that prevent you from establishing a realistic fitness program?
  • Are you concerned about the “role model” effect on your children who are likely to face similar fitness-related challenges as they mature?

We offer several different training packages, enabling you to choose the exact level of coaching you desire. Programs vary from a mostly self-directed membership (for those who prefer to train independently) to intensively coached programs with multiple sessions per week for individuals seeking accelerated results.

Our clients hire us to help them develop the exercise routine that achieves their goals. This is not about temporary change, but sustainable improved fitness. To speak with Jeff Cook about your personal fitness goals, call 330-865-5959 or 330-603-4567. Evening sessions are now available.