The Best Fitness Plan for You

Q.How do you determine what is the best plan for your clients?

A. We develop a fitness plan jointly after discussing each client’s goals and commitment level. We consider time availability, previous exercise and fitness experience, support structure, goals, anticipated obstacles, etc. Then we develop – together – a realistic, personal plan. Once we have an agreement, we work the plan together, making adjustments along the way to ensure continued progress toward the client’s goals.

Q. I want to reduce around the midsection. What would you suggest?

A. Unfortunately, “spot reducing” is a myth. It’s impossible without an overall increase in fitness and a sustained lifestyle change. My suggestion would be to formulate a fitness plan that would allow you to achieve excellent physical fitness. As you progress toward your goal, you will reduce body fat and increase muscle. The combination will result in the reduction of your midsection. Depending on a number of factors•including age, body chemistry, genetics, etc. you may be pleasantly surprised at how good you can look and feel, at any age.

Q. I’m reluctant to begin lifting weights because I don’t want to get “muscle-bound.” It will hurt my golf game, right?

A. The term “muscle-bound” comes from the era when people thought that lifting weights could limit flexibility and freedom of movement. We have since learned that the greatest athletes (including golfers) feature weight training and strength conditioning as an integral part of their regular routines. While we cannot guarantee that you will ever become a professional athlete, the better conditioned and stronger you are, the greater the likelihood that the quality of your entire life will improve, including the distance you can hit a golf ball.